Every project is unique, what matters is the problem we try to solve together.

Take an overview of our latest achievements.

Digital Enterprise with SAP S.E.

The mission had multiple goals like:

– training and certified the internal change agents into agile coaches.

– coaching and advising the Digital Finance Transformation Program

Custom online training for ArcelorMittal Global

With ArcelorMittal, we designed online training so that the people needing the practice can attend.

A traditional on-site two training is split into six modules of two hours per week. All meetings are recorded, and people are keen to watch and read afterwards.

This format is running from the last three years, and we covered: introduction to agile, agile for project managers, agile for leaders and scrum master certification.

SAP S/4 Hana Program Implementation (running)

SAP Programs are quite challenging due to the complexity of the implementation.

Our mission was to improve the ACTIVATE and Focus Built Methods from SAP and ensure the delivery.

Agile was the way to use to ensure achievements, and we had to review all the organizational structure to ensure the adequate closing of each phase (waterfall).

AO – agile organizations

AO is a scaffolding to help you design and build the right agile organizations.

The last decade, we worked on a couple of transformations, and some commonalities emerged from it. Usually, companies are adding agile techniques on the top of their structure without shifting to the new paradigm.

The AO is in progress, and some implementations have already been successfully realised.

Informations here: http://www.mayo.blog

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