Agile Leadership

Details of the training

Agile Leadership over Management is a 3 days training giving you enough knowledge to act as a driver in your agile organisation. This training will be highlighted by videos, games, cases studies and experience reports.

Our trainers are accomplished Agile Field Worker coaches with more than 10 years experience in Agile Transformation from startups to Fortune 500 Global players and still active as such most of their time.


Development team members, scrum masters, product owners, project managers, team leaders, directors, senior managers, leaders, C-levels.


Training like coaching. To make you bold, we believe that the format is agile too. It´s shaped to fit the audience, their specials skills and expectations. 80% experience based knowledge, 20% pragmatic theory.


  1. Agile Culture
    1. Agile Manifesto
    2. Agile vs Traditional Project Management
    3. Principles of « Pull »
    4. Team dynamics
    5. Why Agile culture?
  2. Human Relations over Processes & Tools
    1. Decoding your Organisation DNA
    2. Moving Motivators
    3. Culture shift patterns
    4. Fearless Change
  3. Leadership & No Management
    1. Self managed people & engagement
    2. Servant Leadership: Leading self managed people
    3. Giving guidance
    4. Building an environment enabling self management
  4. Understanding Team Dynamics with Cynefin
    1. The Cynefin framework
    2. Understanding your organisation
    3. Adequate problem solving in Agile management
    4. building coherence
    5. supporting resilience
    6. being a Constructive-Irritant leader
  5. Beyond Budgeting
    1. Beyond Budgeting principles
    2. Leadership actions
    3. Aligning management processes with leadership actions
  6. Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement
    1. Total Quality Management
    2. Organisation as a Flow
    3. Agile Hoskin Kanri
  7. Common pitfalls
    1. 50 Management myths to hack
  8. Agile Leadership Tricks
    1. Improve value streams
    2. Innovation & Learning factory
    3. Growing boundaries
    4. Managing time
    5. Fill the gaps
    6. Facilitation
    7. Visual Management
    8. Dare for motivation
  9. Closing
    1. review
    2. retrospective
    3. lessons learned
    4. take aways

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