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Coaching is about to help you to unleash your full potential. To understand what it is, we help you differentiate coaching from consulting, coaching from teaching, coaching from facilitating.
In our first meeting, we will clarify together why you need coaching, what might be your desired outcome, what are the boundaries of the coaching (time, money, aspects, etc.), where and when, and how we will proceed. Once the fair deal is concluded, we are wholly dedicated to your goal.


Agile Coaching is often misunderstood as an excellent way to push people. It is just wrong. Agile Coaching is an evolution of systems coaching addressing complex systems dynamics. Agile is not our customer’s goal by itself. It is the “how” we try to solve your issues. From our fifteen years of experience, most of the problems are: lack of engagement at work, misalignment of strategy with operations, budgeting issues, offshore alignment, business and IT relationships, digital transformation, customer relationship, problem-solving culture.

levels of coaching in Agile systems

Organisation and system coaching

We are helping you to design how your organization is behaving, and whereabout impact can be enhanced. Co-designing with you the “self-to-fail” containers allowing people to be self-managed.

That container is a nudge shaped to allow to express the best of you.

Individual coaching

Besides coaching ScrumMasters and Product Owners, we are helping Managers and Leaders how to deal with self-managed people, how to accept that subordinates are free to say “No” to you and how to ask for help.

How can I find my place in a nudge? How can I express my full potential? What are my personal hint impeding me to reach my full potential? How to enforce my instinct?

Executive coaching

Besides classical executive coaching, we are helping new-comers in their on-boarding. From our agile systems experience, we will provide tools to “read” the organization and how to resonate with it.

How can I get the best of my ninety on-boarding days? I need a trustful reliable sparring partner. How to be comfortable when starting resonating with the system (organization)?

Operation coaching

We will help you to optimise the impact of your work and help you on your continuous improvement path.

Agile Transformation

We gathered a vast experience in transformation for fifteen years, with around sixty customers from various sizes and various countries. Each change is unique, and we are helping and guiding you in your uniqueness.

When we address Agile, we are discussing the whole enterprise and not only the IT and software development part of it.



Custom workshops adapted to your own culture. From small to large (>200 people). Examples: innovation workshops, problem-solving workshops, learning through playing.


Our domain of expertise is to design high performing organizations for 21st century work. We can help you to improve your organization to respond to complexity work:

  • Customer Experience (CX) : Agile and Digital transformation planning and executing
  • Service Experience (SX) : Portfolio and activities performance improvement
  • Organizational Experience (OX): Design the nudge for better SX
  • People Experience (PX): Motivation, Sense Making and Engagement of Self Managing People
  • Enterprise Experience (EX): Consolidation of your Corporate Strategy
  • Merger&Acquisition organizational support and reinforcement
  • Product Development Strategies
  • New work design

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