In 2016, Pierre E. Neis decided to relocate all his overseas activities and ventures in Germany to ensure a three years-long collaboration with SAP S.E.

Since then, agile² is working like a platform interacting with a strong international network of 350 senior agile coaches around the world. This network is called the Agile Revolution Group (ARG) and its located in Chicago, IL, managed by Paul Yuhas and lead by Pierre E. Neis.

Pierre was part of the PMI-ACP benchmark at the creation of the first agile certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). He has a Master Degree in Project Management, another in Innovation. He is post-graduate in Digital Platforms from MIT-Sloan. Besides his collaboration in multiple books like “Kanban pour l´IT”, “Toolbox for the Agile Coach” J. Jalièn, “Enterprise Scrum” M.Beedle. He is the author of several publications like “Agile in HR”, “AO, agile organizations for 21-st century work”, “Scrum X”, “Agile at SAP”, “Digital Finance as agile enterprise”.

He is also co-founder with Yann Gensollen and Cedric Pontet of www.play14.org.

Since the last twelve years, Pierre is remaining contact with most of his customers like The Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture, McKinsey Digital Labs, Capgemini, Cognizant, Fujitsu, Banque de Luxembourg, Euroclear, CNRS, CTIE (Gov. Lux,), SAP S.E., ArcelorMittal Global, ArcelorMittal R&D, GlobeMed, Six Card Payments, Rueducomerce.com, Les Furets, RadTac, LitheSpeed, and fifty more.

What People Say

Pierre is a very valuable asset when it comes to AGILE-SCRUMexpertise. His pragmatism and dedication highlights hisprofessional behavior.

Luis Alcala, CTIE

Pierre worked with us on an audit review of one of our Scrum-based project. He was a knowledgeable and trustworthyadvisor, that worked well with our people. He also got the jobdone on time, quality and budget; which is what you ask from aconsultant.

J.P. Therrien, Group Cyber Security Euroclear

Thanks for this opportunity.

A little of SCRUM were adopted by our manager during this lockdown. T. and I will work in a proposal. We believe it can improve our results.

L. Fialho, Brasil

Let’s build something together.

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