When if “agile” is nothing more than the dynamic of a system?

As an agile coach, it is completely boring to be considered as an evangelist or whatever guru. This is perhaps a mark of respect and that’s fine but when you are working daily with teams this becomes weird while trying to help, and people just see you as another “Moses” and not as a helper.Continue reading “When if “agile” is nothing more than the dynamic of a system?”

Is agile possible in an SAP (ERP) or Business Process related context (Banks) possible?

Sitting in front on my computer and writing these lines let emerge in me an angel and devil fight. Should I push forward everything that doesn’t work or should I explain what works? What if people are feeling injured by these words? What if my customers are feeling offended by these lines? What if people are misinterpreting this post like a revolutionary manifesto? What if I lose most of my contracts?