The AO Program

Leveraging the superpowers of your teams…

The AO professional training program is designed for those willing to become part of 21st century way of work

Training Program

Organizational Agility

Learn how to create environments leading to agile behaviors.
Dates to come

Team Agility

Learn how to create high performing teams
Dates on demand

Personal Agility

Personal Agility®️ Program from the Personal Agility Institute
Dates on demand

What’s agile?
Origins of agile. Understand the difference between agile, agility and Agile
Dates on demand

EX, SX, OX, PX The five measures of AO. Learn and understand how to use the tool and how you get the most of it.
Dates on demand

Structure is not organizations
Dive deeper in systems thinking
Dates on demand

Level 2

Agile Dynamics

Systems dynamics, the Cynefin model and the Agile Systems evolution,
Dates on demand

12 phases of transition to AO
A workshop to guide you through the twelve steps of organizational change.
Dates on demand

Five work areas: swarm, project, program, plexus and platform..
Learn about the nature of work and to use what type in what context.
Dates on demand

Agile Coaching Program
The Agile Coaching Program is the spine of AO. Learn how to become a professional Agile Enterprise Coach
Dates on demand

Agile 4 HR

Agile for Human Relations is the heart of AO. Here you will learn everything to know about change, leadership, management in a human centric context.
Dates on demand

Case Studies

In this interactive workshop, we will move through three of the major AO transformation we lead the last years.
Dates on demand

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