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Coaching is the way we work. We ensure that you become strong enough to get the most of your expectations.
Agile coaching is our main activity. Agile coaching is an evolution of systemic coaching in a complex and non-linear environment.
Because organizations are built around people, Executive, Life and Family coaching are very important for us too.
When change happens, it is never easy to jump in.
Our mission is to move you from locked-in to proaction.

New Normal

COVID-19 challenged the way we work. We help to identify what kind of work can be handled from home and how to proceed.
Digital solutions are indeed in the core of our toolset, and our experts will support you to get the most of it.
Because control and security are one of your concerns, we also have colleagues with strong expertise.
Most of all, the New Normal is about people. It challenges the way the front line is working, the way you are managing and mostly how you are leading.

Pierre wrote a book about it and we have a dedicated website for it and some initiatives like Agile4HR, Requisite Agility, #play14 and agilePRAXIS.

Problem Solving

Lean and Agile have something common: it is all about problem-solving.
From the agile world, we learned and developed techniques so that you and your organization become great problem solvers.

After the training with Pierre, I started immediately to apply these simple tricks and methods like scrum. I’m in the Steel Industry in Brazil, it is challenging. I will definitely adopting Change by Assimilation and not Colonization. Tough words, but everyone here understands what’s behind.

Roberto, Sao Paolo

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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