SAP S.E., Lead Agile Coach Corporate Finance SAP S.E. (Walldorf, Germany)

  • Support large program deployment in Global distributed context. Approaches: large Scrum organization, Scrum of scrums, Kanban SLA, Bottom-up portfolio management, Agile Hoshin, Enterprise Scrum, AO Framework.
  • Build & Lead the Agile Change Program
  • Help to integrate the merge of Build and Run
  • Coach Management, Business, Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Optimize the fully distributed organization
  • Create and facilitate Scrum Squad to support Change: Top-down and bottom-up alignment
  • Design a dedicate framework for Configuration Management based on the Business Process Management nature of work
  • Testing End-to-end process teams
  • Scrum Master for Treasury

Published by PierreENeis

Certified Agile Coach & Trainer, Organization Developer & Advisor Author of AO

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