agile² is an independent agile consultancy company helping the organisation to improve its performance to build great organisations, great teams with awesome people.

Pierre E. Neis launched the company in 2016 while working for SAP in Walldorf (Germany). When reaching the legal 186 days in Germany, he decided to relocated his business from Luxembourg and London in a single place, agile2 GmbH.

Heidelberg has become the central place for our global activities like in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Mexico, Vietnam, USA and Canada.

The company is an agile company making synergies with a crowd of 350 senior freelance agile coaches worldwide and companies like Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Altran, Capgemini, SAP and many other companies.

Our Brand leads us to make agile without compromises to create real, measurable cases. We hand over squared agile.


By default we communicate in English even if Pierre is native French-German but some of colleagues are Arabic speakers, Hebrew speakers, Spanish, Portuguese and Brasilian Portuguese, Russian and many others.


Our main office is a small open space in Heidelberg-Westadt where small workshops or one to one coaching meetings occurs. Just enough is our size.

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