Agile Human Resources: A Disciplined Viewpoint Webinar

Your organization is on the path towards greater agility.  All aspects of an organization can benefit from greater agility, and this includes your approach to human resources. Your approach to appraisals, the relationships that project managers have with other team members, the way that you recruit, and even the way that you refer to people all change in an agile manner.  In this webinar PMI’s Scott Ambler interviews Pierre Neis, Agile HR and Agile Transformation expert.

Personal Agility, work on the “Individual” to increase the “Interactions”

Personal Agility is a tool to help you to manage your life. It is the mirror to face your daily life and start to improve it towards the goals you set up.

Scrum Guide 2020, waterfall strikes back?

In the community, people are repeating the intention of that new version like making scrum more accessible to a larger community. I have to say, they failed.

Don´t be afraid about emotions

Working on several projects and facilitation, I was each time confused about how professionals are addressing emotions.

Everyone has to be happy, enthusiastic, nice and gentle. Loud people even jokers and rude people are contained. Under the umbrella of “be yourself”, that yourself sounds more and more to be “like I expect from you to behave”.

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