Sometimes you find interesting documents in the recruiting process: agile coaching requirements

I’m the first to complain when companies are trying to hire agile coaches for the wrong reasons like:

  • you have to a software engineer
  • you have to be an SAP expert
  • you have to use MS AzureDevops or any other tools

These are the wrong approaches and gives the feeling for the candidate that the company don’t know anything about Agile.

And, sometimes, you got a great list. Here is the list I got last week and I wanted to share it with you:

Your requirements*****Comments
•Creation of a cross-cluster transformation plan and further development of the control model in scaling systems*****Transformation Backlog owned by the Agile Transformation team consolidating data from the front line and the strategical requirements from leadership. Transformation is handled as an agile project with all agile coaches and scrum masters as team members.
• Support and advice for the cluster in the agile transformation, especially the Agility Masters, among others in the appropriate agile methods*****Support is performed from different manner: pair-coaching, team member support and supervision.
• Conveying agile values and principles in scaling systems*****“What kind of Agile is your Agile?” Approach ensuring alignment of values and principles through the whole organization. WKOAIYA is evolving through assimilation and not colonization.
• Support in identifying and removing organizational obstacles and organization-wide blockades*****Balance between organizational chart and sociogram. Use of Viable System Model and AO techniques.
• Contribution of experiences and ideas to the cluster and the agility instructor community as well as evaluation criteria for effectiveness*****Very creative and great adaptability, lateral thinking and adapting existing tools in context
• Conception of scalable training and workshop formats*****15 years of experience. Every workout is different. 8 years of experience in the conception of virtual trainings and virtual facilitation
• Support of dysfunctional teams / units / cluster structures through coaching or a suitable one*****
• Conflict resolution (in the sense of a mediative attitude and ideally systemic coaching)*****Systemic Coaching, ACC, CAC, Clean Language Practitioner, NLP, and NVC
• Support and advice / coaching of the teams / units of the cluster over several months until the teams have internalized the agile methods and mindset in their actions and optimally align their work with the company’s value chains*****
• Methodical support of the cluster team of teams on the way through the transformation process including passing through the quality gates*****
• Methodological support of several unit teams of teams on their way through the transformation process including passing through the quality gates*****
• Systemic support for processes and formats that are critical to success at cluster and unit level*****
• Enabling the cluster AM as well as several unit AM in your role as a transformation companion for teams or teams-of-teams – this applies in particular to the topics:***** – Mentoring & Supervision
• Creation of optimal working environments*****From “work-from-anywhere” to interior design and facility design consulting
• Development of self-organization*****
• Exercise of E2E responsibility*****
• Enabling working methods*****And help in finding the right method for aligning the system
• Optimization of KPI processes*****Finance and Management Background.
• Enabling the PO cluster as well as several unit POs to agile work and separation of “what” and “how”,*****Service Design, UX, Business Analysis and BPM.
• Creation of business strategy, product visions, roadmaps, business cases and budget responsibility*****Prince 2, Discipline Agility Advisor and Portfolio Manager in Ventures Background
• The aim is to develop the entire cluster structure into fully self-organized and independently acting teams and teams-of-teams (units, clusters).*****
Must requirements:
• Min. 5 years of extensive practical and theoretical knowledge as a business coach on agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, DesignThinking and Lean Startup as well as agile control models such as flight level models and OKRs*****13 years Agile + Scrum, 10 years Kanban, 20 years Design Thinking, 8 years Lean Startup, AgileEVM (control model) Practitioner for 12 years, OKRs (2 years)
• Min. 5 years of experience in the transformation / organizational development of large companies into self-organizing, scaled organizations (leading into self-organization) verifiable through two corresponding project references in large corporations and representation of one’s own success share (e.g. number of transformed employees)*****BNPParibas Group (10 000 p)SAP SE Global Finance Administration (4000 p)SAP SE Global Finance IT (200 p)ArcelorMittal (200 p)CNHi (Fiat Group) (200 p)
• At least 3 years of experience in the professional application of agile methods and self-organization, ideally in the role of product owner in a group or medium-sized company*****100% Agile method and techniques for the last 10 years. Adaptation of waterfall practices such as SOX Audit, ACTIVATE, Focus Build, Flow, Hermes in an agile context. Roles: Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner.
• Experience in the successful transformation of large corporations: experience> = 5 years*****SAP, BCG DV, Wego, ArcelorMittal, Euroclear…
• Experience in the professional application of agile methods and self-organization: experience> = 5 years*****13 Years.
• Experience in OKRs, flight-level models, verifiable through references****4 stars for flight models like Hoshin or other decision-making methods, 1 star for OKRs
Target requirements:*****
•Extensive knowledge of scaling systems such as SAFe, LeSS or similar models. Verifiable through references and two experience reports to show your own success share*****Extensive knowledge of SAFe, LeSS, Scrum at Scale, Nexus, Disciplined Agile, AO, ITIL, and TPS. References will be shared after interview. But you can see it already on my LinkedIn profile:
• Support of the transformation by visualizing the methodical approaches using suitable work materials. Extract of working materials / aids to visualize the methods*****,also in the virtual area

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